What services do we offer?

We specialize in building quality software applications that meet the needs of the end users and provide the maximum return on your investment.
Our Services include:

Custom Software Development

We can help make your vision a reality. We can take your idea and turn it into a software application. We help you determine what it is you actually want to have built, how to build it and whether or not you will get a return on your investment. If it still makes sense to move forward, we can implement your vision and then help support and maintain the resulting application. We only build applications that you will be happy with.

Requirements Analysis

One of the most crucial aspects in developing software is defining clear requirements that will meet the needs of the end users. A few of the issues that result from poor requirements are projects that
• go over budget
• are delivered late
• fail to satisfy the original goals or vision
• cause severe amounts of frustration and misunderstanding between all stakeholders involved
• fail to provide an adequate return on investment
Too often this crucial task is given to an internal staff member who may understand what solution needs to be developed but is unqualified to write technical requirements. We can help assist your staff in defining clear requirements. Don’t underestimate this crucial step in the development process.

Staff Augmentation

If you need to augment your current staff, we can help you find the right people for all your IT needs. Don’t waste your time sifting through resumes or interviewing unqualified people because of a recruiter’s inability to properly screen qualified candidates. We are engineers and know how to identify candidates that are skilled and can get the job done.